Guidelines on Age Restricted Products for Staff & Managers
No Proof of Age No Sale

Guidelines on age restricted products for staff & managers

No Proof of Age - No Sale is an interactive online toolkit aimed at all businesses and premises that sell age restricted goods or services. The toolkit is run & maintained directly by Trading Standards South West with a dedicated group of experts that ensure the toolkit is kept up to date with any current & upcoming legislation that may affect your business.

The toolkit is designed to give managers and staff an easy guide on how to implement an effective system to prevent the illegal sale of age restricted goods and services to young people. The toolkit focuses primarily on the concept of Challenge 21/25 as this applies to all age restricted products and premises, but also includes specific leaflets on: Alcohol, Knives, Tobacco, Distance Selling, Fireworks, Games, Petroleum, UV Tanning, Tattooing, E-Cigarettes, Gambling & Lotteries, Animals/Pets, Sex Shops/Establishments, Skin Piercing, Takeaways, and Videos/DVDs.


Version 4 of the toolkit comes with several improvements, including a learning management system. The toolkit provides the following features:

  • Managers are able to set exactly what their staff will learn. Managers are able to select exactly what age restricted products and services your business sells, and are provided with training & testing on these selected products for focused, relevant training.
  • Over 40 leaflets, posters and training materials provided.
  • Individualised, fully automated staff testing and certificate generation.
  • Manager statistics and information on how well your store/s and staff are performing in these tests.
  • Automated training reminders (yearly).
  • An audit process & report for managers to ensure your business is showing due diligence.
  • A manager’s handbook to guide you through all aspects of ensuring your business meets the requirements of age restricted legislation.
  • A resource library so that you can access training materials, posters and guidance easily and efficiently.

Ensure you’re not left behind – subscribe today

Subscription to the toolkit is on an annual basis and allows full access to the learning management system, all the support resources (which include over 20 resource leaflets), materials such as posters and training guidance for managers - including a handbook and fully automated tests to assess and record your staff’s knowledge following training. You can also contact an expert to ask any questions.

 Small Business   1 Store/Premises   £30 + VAT* 
 Local Chain  2-9 Stores/Premises   £100 + VAT** 
 National Chain  10+ Stores/Premises   POA

*Small business - up to 30 logins. There will be a £1 charge for each user required over the 30 provided.
**Local chain - up to 100 logins. There will be a £1 charge for each user required over the 100 provided.

Several Local Authority Trading Standards areas are signed up for the LA subscription of the toolkit, which means that they subsidise the toolkit and offer it to small businesses and local chains in their area for free. We will notify you upon sign up if you are in one of these areas. These areas include: Bath & North East Somerset, Cornwall, Devon, Somerset & Torbay, Plymouth, Poole, S. Glos, Swindon and Wiltshire.

Buy With Confidence - Trading Standards Approved, a business approval scheme run by Trading Standards, also has a subscription to the toolkit and offers free access to any of their members (under 10 stores) that sell age restricted goods or services.

If you are a Local Authority that is interested in the NPOANS scheme, please contact us.

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